My love of the written word started at a young age, whether it was sticking my nose in a book, writing my first story or passing notes in class. After pursuing a public relations degree while doing a little bit of everything for a small newspaper, I fell into the world of design and construction in 2001 and have been hooked ever since. My history in the industry includes working as a marketing coordinator at a transportation engineering firm, directing public relations and communications for an architecture and engineering firm and leading marketing efforts for a structural engineering firm. 

3chord Marketing LLC

A few years ago, I bought a guitar and signed up for lessons. Playing guitar was something I had always wanted to do--not necessarily to shred an epic solo, but simply to sit on my mom’s front porch and play some tunes while my family sang along. A total "Kumbaya" moment, I know. Seeing all the chords, notes and methods was daunting at first, but I soon learned that knowing just three simple chords meant I could play lots of songs. (In case you’re wondering, "Kumbaya" is made up of three chords, but I have yet to play it, although I have played guitar on my mom’s front porch many times).

I’m following a different kind of dream with 3chord Marketing LLC, which focuses on marketing communications consulting for the architecture, engineering and construction community. In addition to the symbolic connection to the pursuit of a goal, the company name addresses the importance of communicating three simple, yet strategic messages to make an impact with the audience. 3chord Marketing LLC allows me to follow my passion of helping firms share the stories of what makes them unique through marketing communication strategies and tactics.