Fab Friday Feature: Kathy E. Berryhill

I was attending the 2015 banquet for the Indianapolis ACE Mentor Program, when a confident, articulate high school senior approached the microphone to present her school’s project. I immediately became a fan.

Kathy Berryhill.png

Kathy made such an impression on me that when I was chairing a seminar, “What’s on TAP 2016,” she instantly came to mind to address our theme of attracting and retaining talent in the design and construction industry. At conferences and programs, we typically hear from post-college professionals, but I wanted a speaker who represented the next generation.

As expected, Kathy’s presentation was the perfect finale to the event. Her take on industry opportunities and hurdles combined with her energetic delivery and stories made for an unforgettable presentation. I’m grateful that D Scott Media, Inc. recorded Kathy’s presentation at “What’s on TAP” and am happy to share it with you as part of this month’s feature.

Since then, I’ve kept up with Kathy and her path. An incoming junior majoring in construction management with minors in business administration and communications, Kathy has already gained exposure to multiple facets of the industry, having worked for Repro Graphix and served two internships—one at ERMCO in Indianapolis and another she’s currently wrapping up at Turner in San Antonio. She’s attended Greenbuild, given more presentations, and continued her involvement in the campus residence hall and student government associations, all while working for Chick-fil-A and as a student crew leader for Ball State Dining.

Kathy has a lot going on and—to take cues from her TAP presentation—I’m thrilled that she decided to play (and excel!) in the design and construction industry sandbox.

When it comes to professional and personal growth, I owe much to those who inspire me. The Fab Friday feature highlights just some of the women I admire in the design and construction industry.