“3chord Marketing developed a tailored client image study which was thorough and thoughtful. Holly Bolton got many more clients to participate than we were anticipating, and many commented on her pleasant interview style. The final presentation and report were both detailed and well organized, and Holly’s observations and interpretation of the results were comprehensive and insightful.”

- Laurie Strickland, Director of Marketing and Anna Luciano, Marketing Communications Manager, Nitsch Engineering 

“Holly developed and implemented an effective and well-organized client image study that delivered a very clear picture of our clients’ experience working with us. She was also a pleasure to work with! We would recommend her to others without hesitation and would definitely work with her again.”

- Lisa Brothers, PE, Chairman and CEO, Nitsch Engineering

"We contracted Holly to assist us in our efforts to create a new narrative for our company. Holly's skill and expertise in the written word provided us with an excellent perspective on how we can tell our story in a meaningful and differentiated way. Our expectations were exceeded as we collaborated with her on more creative aspects of our story, creating a powerful, visual presentation that aligns with our message. Holly is able to apply her intuitive nature to business, which demonstrates a deep understanding of her clients' business objectives. We will work with her again!"

- Dan Morris
  Principal, OfficeWorks

"NCE hired 3chord Marketing to assist in overhauling the firm's resumes and project descriptions to better tap into WHY our staff do what they do. Holly did a superb job surveying our staff and crafting introductory bios for the key staff. She also revised and rewrote project descriptions for key projects that are used throughout our proposals. These descriptions highlighted the challenges that each project encountered and the solutions NCE implemented for success. She was easy to work with even across multiple time zones and completed the resumes and project descriptions within the schedule allotted. We were so pleased with the work she completed that we hired 3chord Marketing to assist with internal business development and marketing training. This training took place in our office over two days. Holly was integral in delivering the training related to content and writing to win. The overall feedback from the 23 project managers was that they loved her energy, the information that she shared, how she conveyed key messages, and they want to have her back for more technical writing training. NCE has been extremely satisfied with the deliverables and work products received by 3chord Marketing - and yes, we would hire her again and again!"

- Joy Guinn, FSMPS, CPSM
  Director of Marketing, Nichols Consulting Engineers

"Holly Bolton’s keynote presentation at the NAWIC Regional Forum, ‘Connecting the Dots to Success’ was dynamic and on target. She was able to craft a message that combined her expertise with the immediate needs of the audience. Her delivery was exemplary. By combining humor, personal examples, and an informal but highly focused presentation, she demonstrated her command of communications principles and gave her audience immediately useful take-aways. True learning took place. The audience left feeling excited, motivated and wanting to hire her for their next presentation."

- Jennifer Arvin
  Immediate Past President, IndyNAWIC Chapter 34

"Engaging Holly Bolton to help with my marketing and communications plan was one of the smartest business moves I have made. Holly understands market research and how to create the tools to unearth vital information necessary in creating a comprehensive marketing and communications plan. Holly was able to accurately assess my strengths and benefits and help me determine my standing in the architectural photo community. From the information she gathered, we were able to zero in on what existing clients valued and formulate a multi-pronged approach to attract new clients. During the process, Holly conducted a perception survey, competitive analysis, and a social media audit of clients and prospective clients. She distilled her research into key attributes that differentiated me from the competition. I have concentrated on those attributes to keep giving clients what they value and I have used it when marketing myself to prospective clients. But before all of that transpired, we met to determine my goals and what I hoped to accomplish by hiring her. Those initial meetings, in fact all the meetings I had with Holly, were energetic, fun, and full of ideas and possibilities. Her creativity, enthusiasm, and genuine desire to advance my business was apparent in that first meeting and through the entire the process. I regularly pull out her research and read over it to make sure I keep the information and ideas in the forefront of my business approach."

- Susan Fleck
 Owner, Susan Fleck Photography

"Holly provided our firm with marketing consulting related to our social media efforts. She has always been a very personable, energetic and knowledgeable professional. Her expertise with LinkedIn and related work proved extremely helpful."

- Jon Stolz, PE
  Managing Vice President, Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LLC

"I have known Holly for nearly 10 years, often enjoying her entertaining and always thoughtful presentations at regional and national conferences. But it was not until we collaborated on a construction industry marketing handbook that I fully appreciated her remarkable skill set. I served as editor for the project and recruited Holly as one of the book’s authors. Her chapter was one of the strongest in the book, providing the reader with lively and compelling examples of current marketing best practices. But Holly went far beyond this important assignment. She reviewed all the other draft chapters in the monograph (including mine!), becoming a de facto co-editor with me and gave candid feedback on overall strategy, presentation, and style. Holly was confident in her analyses to debate issues with someone who is 20 years her senior, but humble enough to accept my decisions when I 'pulled rank' on her. Holly’s broad grasp of key industry issues, her lively writing style, and her assured use of multiple media platforms reassured me then and continually impresses me now. She is a treasured resource, a valuable asset for any project."

- Richard Belle, IOM, CAE
  President (retired), Belle Communications, LLC

"Holly Bolton facilitated a successful half-day strategic planning session for the SMPS-NY chapter board for the 2012-17 fiscal years, which began in 2012-13 with my term as president. Holly brought her unique energy and creative ideas to the planning session, allowing us to stay focused on our 5-year vision, while enjoying the process itself through her exercises and overall approach. Because of this experience, I recommended Holly for her expertise in strategic planning and effective communication skills."

- Jason Vesuvio
  SMPS New York Past President 

"We got so much done thanks to our spirited facilitator, Holly! She provided structure and an open environment for ideas.
The framework she helped us put in place has propelled our organization."

- Jessica Biel
  SMPS Seattle Past President

"Holly is one of my favorite speakers/presenters. I always try to attend her presentations. Most recently, Holly came to Phoenix do to a presentation/workshop for the SMPS Arizona chapter. She was so well prepared, creative, and engaging. She shared real life examples and made personal connections for everyone in the room. Holly's use of multiple media platforms ensured continued involvement from the audience. She also provided a workbook that she built as she went through the presentation. Her creativity is unmatched."

- Cricket Robertson, MBA, CPSM
  Marketing Director, Corbins Electric
  2015-16 President, SMPS Arizona